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Create competitive advantage with an Interim Executive

Executive management

Interim Executives or Interim Managers can normally start an assignment with very short notice. Should your organization need a new CEO, COO, CFO, Marketing Director, Production Manager, Director HR, Compliance Officer etc, turn to Interim Partner to find the right expertise for your business.

Regardless of where on the development curve your business is, we aim to provide you with an Interim Executive who has handled the same type of situations and challenges before and who quickly can bring you to through the hurdles, thanks to their knowledge and experience. We have Interim Executives who have been responsible for and handled businesses in all the various phases, as you can see in the picture above.

Project management

More and more work is now handled through projects, Since projects can be both large and complex, experienced and knowledgeable Project Managers are required in order for the project to be successful and integrated with existing business processes.

Expert / consultant

Our Interim Executives and Interim Managers have operational experience. In addition, many of them have worked as consultants in major Consultancy companies or internally in large corporations. You can get expert knowledge to develop e.g. your organization, processes and quality or to implement SAP, SOX, other systems / methods as well as M&A-situations.

Board of directors

Executives and Managers with 15-20 years of work at management level, who enjoys sharing their knowledge and experience can add value to your organization. Many of them already are in various Non-Executive Board positions in large as well as small and mid-size corporations.