Work as an Interim Executive


You are welcome to register with Interim Partner if you believe that your knowledge, experience and results produced can be of benefit to other companies or organizations and you have a proven ability to work independently and apply your competence to new situations.

Working as an Interim Executive, Interim Manager, Project Manager, Expert/Advisor or in a Consultancy role requires an ability to quickly evaluate and understand new organizations and operations and create an environment of trust and cooperation in order to solve the tasks and challenges on hand.

The first step in the process is when you send us your CV which we will store in our data base. Then, when we get an assignment, where we believe your knowledge, competence and experience will match the demands, we will contact you to discuss your interest in discussing the assignment. If we together assess that your background will fit the assignment, we will sign an agreement regarding Secrecy and Process. We will then present your background to the client, who will decide if they would take proceed and meet with you. Provided that you and our client are interested to proceed and terms of agreement are accepted by all parties, a contract is signed between you and Interim Partner and a matching contract i signed between Interim Partner and the client. All information is handled in accordance with GDPR and our Privacy Policy.