Privacy Policy

Registration and Privacy Policy

It is essential to us that websites built on information from individuals should have a Privacy Policy. Unfortunately many Swedish websites do not publish information about how they handle the information collected.

Your opinion about the way Interim Partner is handling the information that you convey about yourself to Interim Partner is very important. The more confident you are with the way we handle information, the better our database will be, which in turn will improve the solutions we present to our clients. This will be an advantage to you as a candidate and also to our future success.

This is the Privacy Policy of Interim Partner:

Private information about yourself, where you personally can be identified, will never be forwarded to third party outside of Interim Partner (IP), unless you have expressed your consent or a Swedish Court has requested the information. IP do not use your information or registered individuals as means of payment – i.e. there are no ”kick-backs” from other corporations, exchange of CV register or other ways where you run the risk of being part of a business transaction through your registration, without your expressed consent.

IP will comply with GDPR, (The General Data Protection Regulation). In accordance with this an ombudsman responsible for personal particulars has been appointed. The objective of this ombudsman is to make certain that personal particulars are handled in a correct way and in accordance with the law. The ombudsman within IP is Kent Schultz. In cases where a corporation or organization is trying to get in touch with a candidate in the IP-register, it will only be on your terms. It will be for you to decide if you will accept a contact.

Employees or others within IP , who in any way will have access to personal perticulars are bound by an Agreement of Confidentiality and Secrecy, where a violation of the Agreement will lead to immediate dismissal and possible indemnification.

IP will at your request supply you with information about data stored about you as an individual. This information will forever be deleted from the database within one week after your written request not to be a candidate and have your CV registered.

IP will collect aggregated information about the use of our website – hence statistics are created covering what browsers candidates are using, what pages that are popular and not, what web address candidates visited prior or are continuing to etc. IP are using cookies in order to do this. By aggregating all candidates use of IP we will be able add, subtract and improve the site. Information collected in this way, will not be connected to you personally.

Your e-mail address will never be sold or deliberately be forwarded to a third party. You shall not, as a cause of actions by IP be exposed by an unauthorized third party that will market products or services to you.