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Welcome to Interim Partner AB.

Please register your CV through our Executive Panel below, where we request that you answer a number of questions that will help us match your competence and experience with the requirements of our clients. You will create a user name and then receive a password, which you can later change. You always have the possibility to update and change your information at your convenience. We comply with PUL (The Personal Data Act) and our Privacy Policy.


With the experience and competence you have, your voice and opinions are of interest to many companies and organizations. Therefore, when registering your background and CV in our Executive Panel, you will have the opportunity to accept to take part in external surveys. The information you have registered about yourself is of course confidential and will only be used to identify if you belong to a group of people that are of interest to the external research company (e.g.. age group 40-60, own a car and lives in a metropolitan area). You and we will be reimbursed for each survey that you participate in, however, instead of paying the amount to you and us, after deduction of Swedish taxes, Interim Partner has requested Cint AB (who handles this part of the database), to donate the entire amount to Hand-in Hand, a Public Charitable Trust with an initial focus on education and the elimination of child labor.