Interim or employment

According to international research 40% of Managers recruited from outside the company will leave the company within 18 months. According to Swedish research, the average time that a CEO stays in a listed company is approximately 3 – 4 years. The cost for a recruitment that goes wrong can be very high.

Some advantages by using an Interim Executive (IE) instead of recruiting through Search or similar:

  • Experience – the IE is usually overqualified, which will increase the chances for success
  • Tempo – the IE can usually be in position and start within 2 weeks
  • Objectivity – the IE will bring in new perspectives from the outside
  • Focus – the IE is focused on set objectives and targets without getting involved in internal politics
  • Flexibility – the IE will work full time or part time when so required,
  • Commitment – research shows that IE’s are often more committed and engaged
  • Cost / economy – IE assignments lasting up to 3-4 years are often more cost-effective
  • Team – the IE will have support from Interim Partner and our network during the entire assignment

Still not convinced – engage an Interim Executive with the option to recruit…